In case your child is born having a cleft, just know that you, your child, and your entire family aren’t alone. According to a report published by Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, facial birth defect is the fourth most common birth defect. In fact, in every 33 kids born in the U.S. on a yearly basis, one gets affected with a cleft or facial birth defect. However, functional abnormalities such as cleft lip or cleft palate can easily be fixed shortly after children with these defects are born by qualified plastic surgeons at Wide Smiles.

For more than two decades now, we have been assisting those parents whose babies are born with facial defects to undergo the best treatment around. We at Wide Smiles work with you all the way to come up with the best treatment plan that would see your kid through the entire process of surgery and the subsequent comprehensive rehabilitation that follows. To ensure that your child is treated in the right manner, we have a team of highly dedicated and experienced craniofacial specialists that include audiologists, oral surgeons, dentists, orthodontists, pediatricians, speech pathologists, geneticists, pediatrician dieticians and ear, nose and throat specialists.

We have an approach that is similar to those related to pediatric hand, and ankle and foot conditions. Our plastic surgeons have always partnered with a group of registered orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, pediatricians, geneticists, and occupational therapists to treat a child born with a cleft and put them on the path to good health. Throughout Stockton California, our services and facilities are among the top 10 for excellence in orthopedic care.

Nobody wishes to have their children being born with a cleft of any type be it partial or complete. To those parents whose children are born with a cleft, the first reaction is always the shock, worry, and confusion. However, there is no need to worry, especially with Wide Smiles around. Your baby’s lip can easily be repaired so that it works and look normal.

We at Wide Smiles bring experienced training in treating children born with a cleft or those that are in urgent need of the best craniomaxillofacial reconstructive or plastic surgery. At Wide Smiles, our emphasis has always been on treating children with the best quality healthcare around. Our focus in on treating your child while guiding you through the entire treating process so that your child achieves the best possible smile.

We are in business to alleviate the suffering of your child. We understand that facial abnormalities, especially the ones caused as a result of a cleft can make simple activities such as speaking and eating difficult. We don’t want you, your family, and your little one go through all this. Our teams of surgeons are highly skilled in repairing even the most congenital defects, including cleft lip malfunctions and cleft palate. Do not suffer in silence or let your baby grow up into his or her adulthood with a cleft. Let us help you. Call us today for immediate assistance.


What you are about to do could forever change the life of an innocent child. It does not matter whether you donate once monthly or yearly. We assure you that your donation will be used to save lives of these children.

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