Casino Roulette

We at widesmiles are working around the clock to help families, who have a child with facial abnormalities. Restoring a child’s smile however is a complicated process and can take several months to complete. There are even rare cases were several surgeries are needed, followed by an intense rehab phase or even physical therapy. But even in the best cases it still requires surgery and not all surgeries are fully covered by insurance companies. That is why we still rely on donations to be able to treat some of our patients. In the past, we received a lot of donations from one specific industry. The online gambling industry has been a reliable partner for our Clinique and we are very grateful for their past contributions.

As a lot of our patients already experienced, we would also like others to know, that online gambling is more than just playing casino Roulette. As a matter of fact, if you are playing in one of the many casinos like the Karamba casino, you are actually helping a good cause, probably even without knowing it. Restoring a child’s face is a life-changing experience for both, the parents of the child and the child itself. We have approached several companies and manufacturers from different industries but the online gambling industry has always been one of the most generous partners to help us fighting birth defects. It might really sound strange, but gambling on a casino roulette table provides as the funds we so urgently need to perform surgeries and help to change lives for people who would otherwise not be able to afford that kind of treatment.

Some of our little patients are rather complex cases that require treatment beyond a simple surgery. Sometimes we even need the expertise of specialists we do not have on-side like dentists or special surgeons. Despite most of those external specialists working pro bono or giving us a huge discount, it can still be the case that a child, which requires this kind of treatment, could blow a hole in our finances. Families and their children are depending on us to help them and giving them the high-quality care that is needed pre and post-surgery. We are fully aware that most people are opposed to gambling on a casino roulette table, but we are not only trying to right a wrong on the operation table.

The way we see it, the gambling industry does not get the attention it deserves when it comes to their efforts in supporting social projects. That is why we took this opportunity to bring awareness to people, that without the online casino providers and their casino roulette players we could not do what we are doing. In fact, we probably would have been forced to close our doors a long time ago. But there are also good news, as long as we have strong partners like the countless online casinos on our side, we will continue our fight and make children able to live the life they deserve, regardless of how they were born, that is our promise to everyone out there.